All club competitions will earn points towards the           

Fisherman of the Year Trophy.


If any member wants to fish any of the club competitions listed below, then please contact Martyn Jones on 07908901274 with plenty of notice and he will be more than happy to help.

Please note there are only a certain number of boats (usually ten) pre-booked on each venue and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 


This coming seasons (2019) competition venues will be discussed and confirmed on Thursday 1st. February, at the Glancynon Inn.  All members welcome.


Competition Info

Inexperienced anglers who would like to enter any of the M.A.F.F.A. boat competitions will be drawn with an experienced angler on the day of the competition

W.S.T.A.A. (Draft) Calendar at the bottom of the page


        Mountain Ash Flyfishers Competition Calendar 2019
March Sunday 24th. Celtic League        Llandegfedd  
April Sat 6th Celtic League         Llandegfedd
Sunday 7th. Don Griffiths Boat Shield        Llandegfedd
13th. / 14th. Welsh Trial        Llandegfedd
May Sun 12th Celtic League        Chew
Sun 19th Silver Tankard        Farmoor
June Sat/Sun  1st/2nd Welsh Trial        Clywedog
Wed  5th. L.J. Sturge        Penderyn
Sun 16th Glyn Jenkins Trophy        Clywedog
Sun 23rd Celtic League        Chew
July Sat/Sun  6th/7th Welsh Trial        Llyn Brenig
Sun 14th Club Championship        Elan Valley
Sun 21st Welsh National Bank        Elan Valley
August Sat 24th Dr Griffiths Shield        Clywedog
September Sun 1st. Celtic League        Llandegfedd  
Sat 21st Chew Boat Shield        Blagdon
Sun 29th Jack Eddy Boat Cup        Llandegfedd
October Sat/Sun  5th/6th Welsh Trial        Llyn Trawsfynydd
Sun 20th. Celtic League        Chew
Sun 27th Caudle Memorial Shield        Penderyn
June 5th Penderyn is a Wednesday  6pm. to  9pm.
October 27th. Caudle Memorial Shield is 2pm. To 6pm.
Competitions on Llandegfedd are:-   9am to 5pm
A total of 10 (ten) boats have been booked for boat competitions
Final boat numbers to be confirmed on the WEDNESDAY before the competition. 
             Please inform the Competition Sec. A.S.A.P.

The names of our winners appear in order of the biggest bag weights that day
Competition Winners 2019

Llandegfedd  7.4.18  -   Wayne Abraham & Kevin Hughes

Farmoor       19.5.18  -  Kevin Hughes & Mark McCarthy  

Penderyn      5.6.18  -   Tudor Owen

Clywedog     16.6.18   -  Wayne Abraham & Tudor Owen

Elan Valley   14.7.18  -   Tudor Owen   

Clywedog     24.8.18  -  Marcus Darch & Steffan Williams   
Blagdon       21.9.18  -  Marcus Darch & Wayne Abraham

Llandegfedd  29.9.18 -  Marcus Darch & Wayne Abraham

Penderyn    27.10.18  -  Steffan Williams

 Congratulations to all our
Competition prize winners


2019  M.A.F.F.A. Fisherman of the Year
Tudor Owen

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