Roll Of Honour


Club members (past and present), who have represented Wales. MAFFA has a proud record in providing representatives to fish for Wales at International level.

MAFFA members have become international anglers by graduating and gaining experience through our club competitions, proceeding to trials for our international teams and qualifying to fish for Wales, and some becoming 

'Brown Bowl' (Top International Rod) winners.

Several of our members have also achieved the ultimate honour in captaining their country.


Bold letters denote captaincy.  

Names in Blue have captained Wales. 


Glyn Jenkins
Nikki Ryder Clark Steffan Williams Lew Llewellyn Neil Ashman Allen Hughes Mark McCarthy 
Allen Hughes Cheryl Jones Jonathan Griffiths Don Griffiths   Anthony Cartwright Neil Ashman
Anthony Cartwright   Gwyn Roberts
  Sean Jones  
Bob Jones
Mark McCarthy
  Berwyn Jones     Kieron Jenkins  
Ivan Owen   James Williams     Neil Ashman  
Gareth Thomas   Martyn Williams        
Mark Thomas   Chris Hughes        
Cliff Harvey   Craig Bowen        
Derek Thorne   Sean Jones        
David Griffiths   Grant Davies        
Brian Couch            
Jeff Holcombe            
Tudor Owen            
David Sandry            
Philip Jones            
Wayne Abraham            
Chris Bond            
Don Griffiths            
David Walker            
Ian Jones            
Jason Heath            
Neil Ashman            
Nigel Clark            
Andrew Lewis            
Steve Jones            
Kieth Cadogan            
Craig Bowen            
Sean Jones            
John Otter


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