Please take a few minutes to read the rules governing our boat and its booking. Thank you.

To all members as you are probably aware we now have a boat on Ystradfellte reservoir, the boat can be booked by the day at £3.00 per person, or £1 per session (based on £1.00 a session charged for at Penderyn reservoir). All bookings must be made, recorded and paid for at Penderyn reservoir lodge, members can not just turn up at Ystradfellte Reservoir and take the boat out without having booked it beforehand.

ALL boat users MUST wear bouyancy aids (there are NO exceptions, our members safety is paramount), there are two in a box in the boat, these must be placed back in the box after use, and the box properly closed. The boat MUST also be returned to its mooring and correctly secured and locked up after use.

Access to the boat moorings is difficult for the less able, unfortunately due to the terrain at Ystradfellte this is beyond our control.

 Ystradfellte Reservoir

Ystradfellte Reservoir is a water storage reservoir on the Afon Dringarth in the upland area of Fforest Fawr within the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales. The reservoir was constructed between 1907 and 1914 by Neath Rural District Council for the supply of water.

Mountain Ash Fly Fishers have been fishing the reservoir since the late 1980's and every year it improves more and more, with fish quality, size and numbers. It really is a treat to spend a day soaking in the fantastic scenery and enjoying the challenging fishing.

Just take a look at the pictures.


 Two fine Ystradfellte Brownies photographed before being safely returned

Steffan Williams shows off a beautifully marked golden brown trout. 

Google Earth picture of Ystradfellte Reservoir. 

The Dam Wall 

Ystradfellte Reservoir From The Dam Side. 

Views Of The Dam Area. 

Views From The Top End Of The Lake. 

Below:   Ystradfellte Reservoir from above the dam. 

A winter wonderland, well maybe ! 

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