'Mountain Ash Fly Fishers' has recently been mentioned on the Fishtec website.

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Why not take a look at some of the many offers they have while you're there. 

 Visiting Derbyshire anglers Brian Bentley and John Roberts had a great day out on our waters and look forward to returning next year.

Pictures show John Roberts with a lovely Penderyn Rainbow, and Brian and John at the dam wall about to embark on a fishing day on Ystradfellte. (2013)



Two of our members were top rods on both days of their recent Welsh trials to win the trophies for the best Junior and best Disabled categories.


Steffan Williams and Don Griffiths (our treasurer),share the same Birthdate of 25th October......... but there are a few years between them!!


Both have won these cups on previous occasions and once again they owe

Nigel 'Fudge' Clarke a big dept of gratitude for all his help when he acted as both boatman and coach for their trials days. (Nigel is well known for his amazing catches off the Penderyn reservoir boats, and he is always ready to give advice and up to the minute information to any member).


Lew Llewellyn another of our club members recorded an excellent result in finishing his disabled trial in second position, Lew and Don, will be representing Wales in the 'Home Internationals' on Eyebrook Reservoir in Leicestershire next year (2014).


Let's hope they are all members of Welsh gold winning teams!





Good evening gentlemen,
A quick line  to let you know how much I've enjoyed the hospitality of the club and the quality of the fishing since I joined the MAFFA this season, I've caught fish on most of my outings and met a good bunch of lads on the banks. 

Yesterday I took my son out as a guest at Penderyn, fishing from the boat in chilly conditions, he's 22, vegetarian, and had shown little enthusiasm for fishing since he was about 12. As it turned out he managed to master casting (up to a point...) and catch his  first trout on the fly, we were both really chuffed. Many thanks to you and the committee for providing the amenity which allowed us to have such an enjoyable and memorable day at a very reasonable price, he took the trout home to eat so there's hope yet.

I blanked, I have my excuses  (as ever! ) -  tuition, tangles, tackling-up for two, self preservation at times what with the random casts etc.  but blank I did except for one unusual catch, a rod, reel and line. No flies. It was about 100 yards out south of the boat mooring, too far for someone to have chucked it in with frustration. I'm surprised no one else had hooked it, I had it first cast but then again maybe someone else had, checked it out and decided on catch and release 😃

From the looks the tackle appears to have been down in the depths for several years but l think it may be okay after a major clean up bar the cork handle which has deteriorated quite substantially. I don't know what the drill is in these situations but naturally I'll be pleased to return it to its owner if they can say which model rod it was or to the committee if they feel that's the right way to deal with the matter. Restoring the rod and reel will be a bit of a project but it may well be important to someone in the club to get their tackle back, I'll leave it up to you to decide what's best, please let me know, I'll give it a brief  spruce-up in the meantime. Whatever, there's a story behind this, it would be interesting to hear how it got there.

Pictures below,

Best regards and tight lines 

Colin Chapman.

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